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Wagon Christ  Chunkothy

In the past fifteen years, the eclectic Luke Vibert has had time to release around twenty albums. But apart from being prolific, Vibert is also a producer with many faces. His output as Plug (drum'n'bass close to the school of drill) has nothing to do with his music released under his Kerrier District moniker (disco and house) or with the things under his own name (acid), and that’s as much a reason for celebrating as it is confusing for many people. It maybe explains why “Tomorrow”, his latest work as Wagon Christ, is causing less of a stir than any demo of any of the new North American retro pop groups. The media are unfair like that to the more lasting artists. Granted, “Tomorrow” is not his best work, but the record contains moments as exciting as this “Chunkothy”. Exotic-sounding keys, smoky breaks and Ninja Tune-style science jazz. The delicious video is the work of Celyn Brazier, Beccy McCray, Steve McInerney, Bali Engel, Margot Tsakiri and Manav Dhir, as they all deserve a mention.

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