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Virtual Worlds For Kuedo

Konx-om-Pax directs the video of “Ascension Phase”

Konx-om-Pax (with the aid of Sabrina Ratté) is handling the clip for “ Ascension Phase” by Kuedo, taken from “ Severant” for Planet Mu. The Scottish director outlines virtual worlds in which digital technology reigns, submerging us in an experience that is similar to what it would be like to get lost in “Tron” with a bag of magical truffles in your pocket. Both Kuedo and Kon-om-Pax have releases on the way for Mike Paradinas’ label; the first will release the remix EP “ Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space” on 18th June, while the second will release a debut LP, “ Regional Surrealism”, on 9th July.

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