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Video For “Genesis” Released

Grimes (with dreadlocks), ravers, swords, and snakes in the desert

Yesterday, when trying to figure out the trailer for “Genesis”, what came to our minds were images familiar to everyone that we think might have been an inspiration for Grimes . A raver reinvention of the intriguing video clip to Radiohead’s “Karma Police”? An alternate story starting from the first shots of David Lynch’s “Lost Highway”? The conjecturing is over, because the video is here already. Claire Boucher - with her incipient dreadlocks, her python, her Knights of the Zodiac sword, and her cap decorated with a resounding “PUSSY” - takes a trip into the California desert with a wild-looking gang. It’s said to be inspired by the trashy glamour of Jean Paul Gaultier, the painting “The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things” (attributed to Hieronymus Bosch, dated around 1500 and currently hanging in Spain’s Prado Museum) and "Tank Girl". We would add that it also has a healthy dose of “Mortal Combat”, Shion Sono-style Japanese film, and raves lifted from “Pokémon Girls”. It’s directed by Boucher herself. Come on and check it out.

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