New Video For Danny Brown’s “Radio Song” New Video For Danny Brown’s “Radio Song”


New Video For Danny Brown’s “Radio Song”

The “fan-made” clip makes the Detroit musician into a variety of strange characters

While Danny Brown multiplied himself exponentially in the official video clip for “ Radio Song”, in this new “fan-made” version, by Robbie Barclay, it is the Detroit musician’s personality that multiplies to become all sorts of strange characters. From usurping the position of Kim-Jong Il to travelling through outer space, and from an Egyptian Pharaoh to Mozart, ending up as God himself, thanks to the wonders of cut-n-paste. Furthermore, it has just been announced that there will be a vinyl version - a double 12", in an edition limited to 1,000 copies - of "XXX" (Fools Gold, 2011). It will arrive on 21st April, coinciding with Record Store Day, and it will include a 7" as a bonus.

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