Unknown Mortal Orchestra x Noisey Unknown Mortal Orchestra x Noisey


Unknown Mortal Orchestra x Noisey

Satellite (31 JUL 2011 / Los Angeles)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra x Noisey In spite of their name, we know Unknown Mortal Orchestra perfectly well. If you don't, we can tell you they're a young band from New Zealand based in Portland and making psychedelic and seventies-influenced rock. Both the vocalist, Ruban Neilson, and the publicist of the band claim there was nothing calculated about the initial “mystery” everybody was going on about when they released their music on Bandcamp. A few months later, they are one of the new names to look out for on the international indie scene. The Noisey crew followed them on the 31st of July of this year during their gig in Los Angeles as the support act of label mates (on Fat Possum) Yuck, who are featured in the video as well. If you want to get to know UMO a bit better and see what they're like on stage, check out the report below.

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