Twin Sister Twin Sister


Twin Sister

All Around and Away We Go

Twin SisterThe song has been garnering praise since the beginning of the Spring (it was first available digitally here, and shortly afterwards on vinyl via Infinite Best), but it’s only now that it’s received a visual treatment (an official one – we’re not referring to the clever fan video made for the song few months ago). And what’s the reason for this delay? The interests of Domino. Two months ago the label decided to re-edit the two EPs the band had released through their label Double Six. Besides “Vampires With Dreaming Kids / Color Your Life”, Double Six is about to put out a 7” featuring the glorious “All Around and Away We Go”, the main reason it’s better to have invested now, and not sooner, in this image carousel. Welcome, again, to the hypnotic disco pop of Twin Sister.

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