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At My Heels The Movie

Twin Shadow  At My Heels The Movie

We thought we’d seen it all when it comes to videos, but it turns out we were wrong. We got our hands on “the video” of “ At My Heels”, one of the best and exciting songs on Twin Shadow’s debut album. It’s actually a “video comment” on the video, which will maybe surface one day, god knows when. Is that clear enough? Maybe you should just press play after the jump and watch the directors talk about the origin of their work. In light of its title, the piece is presented jokingly as a short film that has already won awards at the South Greenpoint Film Festival, the TriBeCa film festival and the Moscow Film Festival (special mention for a “slightly Russian” film, as they say). The thing is, the directors had the idea to translate the song lyrics to Russian and display them on the screen. They were asked to deliver something powerful, and they couldn’t think of anything more powerful than the imagery of the former Soviet Union. Watch out for the moment when they explain the so-called “twin shadow technique”, which turns out to be the face of George Lewis Jr. duplicated and placed on top of itself in various colours. We’re also fans of his new look, which, instead of reminding us of Freddy Mercury, like before when he had short hair, he now resembles Bobby Farrell more, the recently deceased singer of Boney M. The boys also joke about Lewis being considered “the Morrissey of Mexico”, while they themselves see him more as “the Bowie of Bangladesh”.

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