Tropics Tropics




Tropics  Mouves

The song starts like a Slowdive track, reflecting flashes of dense light in the glasses of a warm and humid dusk. But suddenly, the synthetic bubbles, the echoes and the (almost disco-) pop rhythms come in. Young atmospheric pop master Chris Ward makes his debut as a singer with “Mouves”, the title track of his new EP on Planet Mu, and like its title (movement in French), the video of the song runs, err, nowhere? Two young hipsters, are running across an unidentified Japanese city before the very indifferent eyes of the passers-by. Seriously, there’s not one person in the whole video who turns his head to see what the hell this sudden outburst of urban athleticism is all about. Are they all hypnotised by the radiant and delicious pop of Tropics?

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