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Tracey Thorn

You Are A Lover (Clock Opera Remix)

Clock Opera Tracey Thorn You Are A Lover

While they’re putting the finishing touch to the album debut on Moshi Moshi, Clock Opera are filling up their free time with work for others. Among other jobs, Guy Connelly and his troupe have reworked “You Are A Lover”, one of the tracks on “Love And Its Opposite” (Strange Felling, 2010), Tracey Thorn’s comeback album. Replacing the original guitar with a hypnotic piano and the right dose of organic rhythms, the Londoners take the ballad to their field. On 16th April the single will be released on 10”, and, apart from this remix, it will include “Sister Winter” as a bonus, the piece Sufjan Stevens wrote for the former member of Everything But The Girl. Tracey Thorn / 'You Are A Lover' (Clock Opera Remix) by buzzinfly

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