Toro Y Moi x Noisey Toro Y Moi x Noisey


Toro Y Moi x Noisey

The Drunken Unicorn - 12 MAR 2011 | Atlanta, GA, USA

Noisey carry on running around the world following some of the most exciting music artists of today. Episode 49 of their series of mini documentaries is dedicated to Chazwick Bundick, alias the Curtis Mayfield (imagine Bundick when he’s a bit older and with a few extra kilos, and you’ll see where we’re coming from) of the chillwave scene. Don’t mention the label though when he’s near, he doesn’t like it. Noisey follows Toro Y Moi to an instrument store –looking for new pedals– before showing us how four of the tracks sounded during their show on 12th March at The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta. An explosion of multi-coloured pop with a flavour of expansive jazz-funk, also to be witnessed at the upcoming Sónar festival.


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