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Take Ur Clothes Off (feat. Missy Elliot)

Timbaland Take Ur ClothesYes, okay, Timbaland hasn’t been up there for a while now, but you can’t knock him. Many of the timeless R&B anthems of the noughties are his. So, although his recent works have been received with a certain indifference, we still always want to know what the Virginia producer’s up to when he’s recording new material. Well, urbanivores, here’s your slice of meat. With the upcoming release of “Shock Value 3” (still without an official release date) in mind, Mister Timothy Zachery has started the “Timbaland Thursdays”. Blatantly copying Kanye West, the man gives away a new song every Thursday, until the third volume of “Shock Value” arrives. Missy Elliot, who, like Timbaland, hasn’t appeared on the scene for quite a while now, kicks off the series with “Take Ur Clothes Off”. Is there still something left to sample for Timbaland? Check it out for yourself.{youtube }ftOnlthj7iQ{/youtube}

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