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Tim Hecker

Hatred of Music I

This is the first taster of “Ravedeath, 1972”, Tim Hecker’s new album for Kranky (in stores on 14th February). It seems little has changed, apart from the bigger role of some organs with a flavour of religious meditation that wouldn’t be out of place next to works like “Annum Per Annum” by Pärt or “Te Deum” by Peteris Vasks. There’s the same vaporous humidity, the same floating density, the same tinkling shine, the same harmonic threads, that varnish of luminous drone that moves in the sonic space as if responding to breaths of air. All that, finally, makes Tim Hecker a unique artist in matters of contemporary ambient drone. Put on your raincoat, Hecker’s coming to make emotions explode like a geyser.{soundcloud}http://soundcloud.com/kranky/tim-hecker-hatred-of-music-i{/soundcloud}

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