Those Dancing Days Those Dancing Days


Those Dancing Days

I'll Be Yours

Phew... Now we know that not everything is going in the same direction as “Fuckarias”, we can safely say that Those Dancing Days’ turn towards a more energetic and primitive garage rock didn’t entirely convince us. We prefer this gang of Swedish adolescents the way they were before: neither cold nor hot (lukewarm, so to speak, the Scandinavian way), candid and sweet without stepping into the trap of excessive naivity, while subtly adding touches of northern soul to their indie pop. On “I'll Be Yours” they sound somewhat more pale –there are no more traces of them trying to make a record with big soul voices–, breathing in the fumes of Factory Records, and in their case it’s a good sign. Their “Daydreams And Nightmares” will be in stores on 7th March, via Wichita. {soundcloud}{/soundcloud}

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