The Sandwitches’ New York The Sandwitches’ New York


The Sandwitches’ New York

The band has released a video clip for “Heaviest Head In The West”

San Francisco's band The Sandwitches have released a new video clip for “ Heaviest Head In The West”, one of the songs on their latest album, “ Mrs. Jones’ Cookies” (Empty Cellar Records, 2011). The song offers a slow garage pop sound, hypnotic and dissonant, with a slight tendency towards Americana and psychedelics, landing right on that line where Rain Parade meets the denser Jessica Bailiff, and Tsunami meets contemporary artists like Dirty Beaches at their most narcotic. The piece is taken from what seem to be archival images of different spots in New York, from night clubs to the Stock Market. Directed by Ada Bligaard Søby.

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