The Neighbourhood’s Never-Ending Summer The Neighbourhood’s Never-Ending Summer


The Neighbourhood’s Never-Ending Summer

The Los Angeles quintet premieres a video clip for “Sweater Weather”

The Neighbourhood are an emerging Los Angeles quintet, led by Jesse James Rutherford, who was a child actor and then took his first steps into the world of music with a hip-hop group. Now, he’s wowing all with his recent single, “ Sweater Weather”; a song with a summery mood that has quickly been compared to the catchy anthems of Foster The People - although it also falls on the side of that soft, classic pop that Arctic Monkeys sometimes make. The video that goes with it, the work of Daniel Iglesias Jr. and Zack Sekuler, matches the summer moods (although in the lyrics you can hear an “ I Hate The Beach”), showing show us a story of love and lust between a young couple on the beach in California.

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