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Seeds (Portable/Bodycode Remix) + Seeds (Shinedoe remix)

The KnifeWe’re still waiting for the opportunity to hear the electronic opera by the Dreijer siblings, be it live or in the privacy of our DVD players. While waiting for that to happen, the Swedes have made us happy with some other new material. Rabid Records will release “Seeds”, one of the pieces from “Tomorrow, In A Year”, remixed by Shinedoe and Bodycode, chosen by Olof Dreijer. Although the physical 12” won’t be purchasable until 6th December (you can pre-order a copy on the label’s website), both tracks are already available online for free. On the one hand, that’s possible thanks to Pitchfork, as they offer the download of the 12-minute-long deep house rework by Bodycode (a.k.a. Portable), member of Ghostly International, until 6th December. On the other hand, Dummy Mag is giving out the rework by Dutch artist Shinedoe, the boss of Intacto Records, also for free. Both have something in common: they add some rhythmical warmth to the cold, aseptic sound of the original piece, as well as a certain ethnic touch. Listen to the first one here and to the second one here.

The Knife . Seeds (Portable aka Bodycode Remix).mp3

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