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The Horrors

Still Life

The Horrors Something seems to be changing in The Horrors circles. Two years ago, the first advance track of “Primary Colours” (the surprising “Sea Within A Sea”) was announced with a lot of fuss, even including a countdown to zero hour. With “Skying”, things are happening in a different way and at a different pace. In May, a month and a half before the release of their third album, they already offered up, without making a whole lot of noise, the stream of “Still Life”, the vigorous anthem with eighties airs and lustrous keyboards we find in the middle of the album. And now, five days before we can run to the store to get our copy of the record, they’re giving us their new video, a psychedelic and colourful piece in the same vein as the album sleeve art. Moreover, Faris Badwan and his gang appear more discreet and less eccentric than usual, without all the backcombing, and with their shirts tucked into their trousers. Even if they have changed, we’ll still love them.

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