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The City Never Sleeps

The Crystal ArkIf you were to run into Gavin Russom at night, on one of your strolls down the dirtier alleyways of this life of window shopping, vain smiles and cardboard facades, how would you react? Depending on the day, we might ask him for drugs, offer him charity money or cross to the other side of the street out of fear. Because with that hair and the super concentrated look that only geniuses, clairvoyants and crazy people have, you can’t really tell what to expect from a guy like Russom in the middle of a dark and lonely Brooklyn street. Luckily, Viva Ruiz (who recites and sings with The Crystal Ark) and Jason Cacioppo decided to shoot the video for “The City Never Sleeps” during the day and in the company of friends. The track is taken from the first The Crystal Ark 12” on DFA, released in the spring of 2010.

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