The Bug feat. Flowdan The Bug feat. Flowdan


The Bug feat. Flowdan

Skeng (Autechre Dub Remix)


As the good observer that you are, upon seeing The Bug and Autechre sharing the credits of the same song, you might have wondered: “Is this then the much-talked about remix Rob Brown and Sean Booth have made of ‘Skeng’ for The Bug’s new EP?” Well, it almost is. But, in fact, this is the “dub version” of that remix (which, by the way, will also be included on 20 Years of Beats n' Pieces, Ninja Tune’s gigantic anniversary box set) and there are no plans as of yet for its release. Before leaving it to rust in the cells of some hard drive out there, the artists involved have offered the FACT crew the exclusive download of the track, which will be available for only 24 hours. The countdown started yesterday afternoon, so… Hurry!

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