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The Black Dog & Regis

High-Rise Living 78-86 [Part 1]

RegisThis is not the first time Downwardsvindicates the legacy of late 70’s-early 80’s UK post-punk and minimal synth. A year ago, Regis released “Built On Sand: A Birmingham Sampler 1978-86”, a compilation featuring a selection of dark songs by punk and post-punk bands like Swell Maps, The Prefects, Spizzenergi, Felt and The Au Pairs, with the joining thread that all of them originally hail from Birmingham and the surrounding areas. The idea is that this, “High-Rise Living 78-86”, uses a similar premise except that this time around there’s more room for rough electronica and the selection of artists is not locally constrained – this edition will feature bands from across the UK. Regis and The Black Dog have done the selecting, picking up tracks from Xerox Girls, Clock DVA, Naked Lunch and Cabaret Voltaire for this special podcast brought to you by mnml ssgs.

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