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I Want To Go Out / Take My Hand

Terranova “I Want To Go Out”

Terranova are back under the wings of Kompakt, after more than five years of silence. The band led by the incombustible Fetisch Bergmann (alias Fetisch) will release a new album on the Cologne label in early 2012, and the advance single is out now. It's called “I Want To Go Out” and it holds two songs that sound different from each other but have a nocturnal mood in common. The title track is a speedy piece combining lysergic house elements with open-air trance pads, to a more than exciting result. “Take My Hand”, the B-side, is much more cerebral, a kind of deep-house with metallic percussion over which the voice of another illustrious veteran of the German techno scene sounds: Khan. The 12” has been out since past 22nd August and here we leave you with the two tracks, accompanied by their exciting videos.

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