Waulking Song (Lone Remix)

Another cloudy Friday has started, we’re still waking up, and looking for ways to clear our eyes of those curtains of mist. But hearing this, “Waulking Song”, our brains become lit up by a radiant sun. Suddenly, we feel like flying far away in search of freshness, light winds, warm temperatures and relaxed parties in the sun. Daytime rave where the time passes slowly: not so much “greco-romana”, more urban and nocturnal, but according to the radiant and dreamy ways of Matt Cutler, alias Lone. That is what we see when listening to this luminous remix of “Waulking Song”. It will be out on the next Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs single, in stores on 7th February, via Greco-Roman. {soundcloud}http://soundcloud.com/darlingradio/t-e-e-d-waulking-song-lone-remix-greco-roman-07-02-11{/soundcloud}

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