New Symbolist Video From Julia Holter New Symbolist Video From Julia Holter


New Symbolist Video From Julia Holter

Ways not to get lost in LA

Naomi Yang, former Galaxy 500, half of Damon and Naomi, and a visual artist as well, directs the new video clip from Julia Holter, the new favourite child of lovers of arty electronic pop and the dream dimension. A shy, sort of thoughtful, self-absorbed Holter walks around with a ball of purple ribbon—maybe it’s an allegory of the city as a labyrinth of emotions, passions, and memories, which threatens to make us change course, losing track of the path that we want for ourselves—coming to the green outskirts of Los Angeles. In between, there are shots of what seem to be magic rituals performed with very homely tools. It’s up to you to interpret the symbols while you let “Our Sorrows” caress your eardrums.

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