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Tunnel of Love

Svarte Greiner  Tunnel of Love Svarte Greiner invites us to the “Tunnel of Love”. Now we need to know, bearing in mind who we’re dealing with and how ominous the invitation sounds, if the subterranean passage Greiner is referring to is to be taken as a metaphor for the transit towards the light that will guide us to safety in the arms of our loved one, or if the Norwegian is thinking of love as something difficult and asphyxiating, almost nightmarish, from which it’s hard to escape. The song is old, it’s part of “Kappe” (Type, 2009), but it serves to remind us of the fact that this Monday 4 th April, the man will do a special performance at Unsound NY. Apart from his concert as half of Deaf Center, Svarte Greiner will be playing a live soundtrack to Murnau’s film “Nosferatu”, in the company of percussionist and electronic producer Paul Wirkus. Greiner, magician of dark and brooding ambient drone, is the perfect man to manufacture a new musical dress for that classic of German expressionist film. If you’re in New York next week, take note: it’s at BAM Rose Cinemas, on 30, Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn NY. Spine chills guaranteed.

Unsound Festival New York takes place from 1 to 10 April, at various locations in New York. Tickets are on sale here.Unsound Festival New York is presented by Fundacja Tone, the Polish Cultural Institute in New York and the Goethe-Institut New York, in Cooperation With The Trust For Mutual Understanding, The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, City of Krakow, Krakow Festival Office and others.


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