Stay Stay



The World is in our hands

StayA plasticine guy in an office, bored, typing on his plasticine typewriter while his boss stands by his side, shouting at him. Then, “zzzinggg!” - the boss disappears, the guy jumps out of the window, turns into cartoon (of the kindergarten kind), and begins flitting across the world, the oceans (which are full of giant trout) and even the sky (at one point the band appear as aliens playing badly drawn guitars). The latest mischievous act of Stay is called “The World Is In Our Hands”, and it’s about guys in yellow suits finding out that their bosses aren’t the centre of the world. Psychedelica, striped T-shirts and “Passport to Freedom”, a debut album like a shot of adrenaline pop. The album will be available on 7th September via Subterfuge.

Photo by Gemma Sanjuan.

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