Stalker Stalker




StalkerIf we let Spectre and The Dream loose in the middle of the Zone from Stalker, Tarkovsky's film, both of them high on ketamine, perhaps the results would end up as insane and confusing as this. Next to Stalker, Salem are a trio of giggly girls. Soon there will be Stalker vinyls out on Tri Angle, a young initiative from the dark impulses of Robin Carolan, writer of 20 Jazz Funk Greats and promoter together with labels like Disaro from a new scene of “witch” bands (add oOoOO, Slava, Balam Acab and Creep to those on Salem) which are now being called drag from some fronts. Here we leave you with two samples (fan-made video + mixtape) straight out of the slow-motion nightmare world of this mysterious Chicago producer.

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