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Put Some Red On It EP

At the end of June we got some good news: Sub Pop, definitely opening up to a new range of rhythms and sounds very different to what the Seattle label is known for, opened its doors to the danceable Afro-futurism of South-African Spoek Mathambo. His first release, the EP “Put Some Red On It”, was released yesterday on digital. 24 hours later, Sub Pop gives it to you for free. “Put Some Red on It”, a track co-written with Ana Raba aka Gnucci Banana (Mathambo's wife) and produced with CHLLNGR, comes with a second original track, “Dog to Bone” - and remixes by Shabazz Palaces, Machinedrum and Telepathe. All that for free, but for a limited time only, via the widget we leave you below. Don't leave it for tomorrow; the window of opportunity might already have closed.

Spoek Mathambo - Put Some Red On It (Shabazz Palaces Remix) by Voler

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