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Spank Rock

#1 Hit

Naughty Naeem Juwan, alias Spank Rock, keeps doing his thing video-wise. After the dance routines and geometric harassment of “DFT DADT”, he's back with the video of “Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar”, to be released on the 3rd of October on Boys Noize Records. Alex Ridha, along with Mark Ronson, are in charge of producing this bizarre piece of dancehall called “#1 Hit”, an ironic anti-hit about the bad handling of ephemeral fame. The piece, directed by Alen Cordell, has all the ingredients to cause a stir. Some puritan mind will probably press stop before it ends, saying something like “ disgusting” - despite the fact that all the dirty stuff is pixelated. Well, apart from the vomiting.

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