Snuffaluffagus Snuffaluffagus



No Battleships

Snuffaluffagus Snuffaluffagus... Songwriter Chris Braciszewski has chosen a name which is hard to remember, and spell. Born in San Diego but settled now in Brooklyn, like so many of his contemporaries, he’s been recruiting musician friends over the past two years for his musical project, including members of Japandi, Alex Kent and BoomSnake. He released “Brazil Wood Poetry” (Wizard Spit, 2010) at the beginning of the summer, a collection of colourist folk-pop songs conceived as a tribute to the golden age of Brazilian Tropicalia. Now Braciszewski is back, blending acid-folk, free jazz elements, post-rock and orchestrated pop in “No Battleships”, a song which summons the spirits of Comus, Tortoise, The Flaming Lips and DM Stith under a warm summer sun. Download the track here.

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