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?Riot Rhythm?

Sleigh BellsImagine you’re an international recording artist and, without any notice, you get up one day to discover the media and blogosphere are all talking about a music video of yours you didn’t even know existed. This is what must have happened to Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, who yesterday via a few social networks clarified that the little “Karate Kid”-like chess adventure to the music of “Riot Rhythm” was not the band’s official video. However, the N.E.E.T. Recordings duo also said they were actually satisfied with the result. It’s hard to find fans with the technical and artistic resources to pull off such a quality story. Apparently, not only does Bo Misserini (the author) have the requisites, he’s also played his cards marvellously to get all the attention needed. Visit his website and you’ll see he’s not exactly an amateur as far as directing videos and producing virals for the internet go.

We don’t know if Sleigh Bells’ lawyers will force him to remove the video or if they’ll have them write him up a contract. In the meantime, the magnetic Anatoly Karpov’s apprentice and his master continue fighting the one-eyed villain and his rude cheerleaders.

Photo by Tom Oxley.

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