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SingleAlmost four years after the release of the surprising album “Pío Pío” (Elefant, 2006), Madrid-based label Elefant has just dropped more details about the second stride in the career of Single, that sui generis pop vehicle for the creative impulses of Ibon Errazquin and Teresa Iturrioz (ex Le Mans). The album is called “Monólogo Interior”, and even though it is described as more classic-oriented effort—real instruments have taken a big chunk of the place reserved for samples, reducing the rhythmic section—we know Single are experts in little turns and surprises. As a presentation card, they have chosen “Posponías”, a waltz-based song for which Miguel Gutiérrez de Bergareche has made a video consisting in one continuous shot. It’s not the best cut of the album and the video is not exactly becoming, but at least it’s yet another proof of Single’s unique personality.

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