Simon Bookish & Leafcutter John Simon Bookish & Leafcutter John


Simon Bookish & Leafcutter John

Live at St. Mary Magdalene

Simon BookishThe Markson Pianos brand wanted to celebrate it’s 100th anniversary with a special concert. So who did they bring in? The answer is none other than Leo Chadburn, a.k.a. Simon Bookish, who decided to team-up for the occasion with his friend John Burton, a.k.a. Leafcutter John, a juggler of live sampling and IDM, folktronic-style electronic manipulations. This is a surprising choice for a century-old brand specializing in selling, tuning and restoring pianos, don’t you think? Chadburn and Burton, with the help of harpist and vocalist Serafina Steer, reinvented seven songs by Simon Bookish with a grand piano (a Bösendorfer Concert, for many the world’s best brand) and a laptop incorporating Max/MSP. The result was a delicious, intimate concert recorded on 27th October at St. Mary Magdalene Church. Listen to it at the end of this thread.

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