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Silver Columns

Always On (Caribou Remix)

Caribou Silvijo SelmanThe glimmer of Swim never goes out. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The shadow of the new Caribou converted to the faith of organic dance doesn’t stop growing and becoming denser, projected on multiple levels thanks to the tremendous remixes the Canadian keeps giving us. Among these are Silver Columns, the authors of “Always On”, which Caribou manages to stretch to nine minutes of epic analog, somewhere between Arthur Russell, Hot Chip, Synth Britannia, acid house, resonant techno, and kosmiche memory, among others. A rework full of corners and bends that will see the light as a B-side of a 12” that Moshi Moshi is releasing on 13th September.

Silver Columns . Always On (Caribou Remix) (2).mp3

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