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Take Em Up

Shit RobotNew dance music and a certain nostalgia for 90’s music help to characterize “From the Cradle To The Rave”, the debut album by Irishman Shit Robot. His fellow countryman Eoghan Kidney has based the video on these ideas and has used the technique rotoscopy to take Nancy Wang around Williamsburg, NYC. Despite the fact this technique is not exactly from the last decade of the 20th century (it actually appeared much earlier), Kidney and his team have managed to give it a rave touch by adding colour. Another curiosity surrounding the video is that some of the shooting was done at Michel Gondry’s place, with his hungover son and friends. In the end this part was removed because, according to Kidney, the guys were behaving “in a bizarre way.” For the shooting of “Take Em Up”, the Irish director gathered his team via Twitter, with people and equipment from all over the world, including the camera responsible for filming the sketches on Saturday Night Live.

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