Shine 2009 Shine 2009


Shine 2009

New Rules (Remix)

Shine 2009To celebrate 2010 (the year they were born as a label), Cascine give us this sparkling present by Shine 2009, an affair shared by Finns Mikko Pykäri and Sami Suova. They delivered the label’s first release at the end of August, and now they close off the first, fruitful season that gave us highly recommendable records by Evan Voytas, Chad Valley and Selebrities. On “Versions” there are three rejuvenated versions of two of the songs on their debut “Associates” (Expo/Cascine, 2010). The three, sitting pretty in a user-friendly sleeve, are at your disposal in exchange for your email address, here. As an appetiser, we leave you with the more uptempo version of “New Rules”. Pure house-pop ambrosia.

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