Sharam Jey feat. Tommie Sunshine Sharam Jey feat. Tommie Sunshine


Sharam Jey feat. Tommie Sunshine

The Things

Sharam JeyFor your eyes (and for your ears… but mainly for your eyes), no genre discrimination this time. There’s enough flesh here to please all tastes. Men with bare, oiled torsos wearing dog collars around their necks, and girls with ruby red lips and fine lingerie playing dominatrixes. These ingredients were enough for YouTube to remove the video yesterday because it violated their policy regarding “nudity and sexual content”. But Sharam Jey (he contributes with the naughty house) and the folks at King Kong Records have uploaded it elsewhere. If this is what the war of the sexes would be like, we’d join in right away. If only all kind of torture were as sweet as this…

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