Saint Etienne’s New Homage To Music Saint Etienne’s New Homage To Music


Saint Etienne’s New Homage To Music

A gallery of admired albums in the video for “I’ve Got Your Music”

The recent “ Words And Music is about how to feel, experience, and share music with others. And this is more or less what Saint Etienne’s new video clip is about, for “ I’ve Got Your Music”; its simplicity makes it no less effective. It’s about recording a bunch of fans showing a record, we suppose one of their favourites. And the selections range from Alaska Y Los Pegamoides to Talking Heads, via Led Zeppelin and The Smiths. Ah! And watch out, because there is more than one familiar face. Bob Stanley chooses an Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark record, Pete Wiggs, The Monkees, and Sarah Cracknell picks the Velvet Underground.

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