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Rye Rye

Never Will Be Mine ft. Robyn / New Thing

Rye Rye It seems that Rye Rye’s in a hurry all of a sudden. After keeping us waiting for an album for almost two years, still without release date (though it should be soon), the girl releases two new videos almost at once. First we get the laidback visuals (courtesy of Tim Nackashi) of “Never Will Be Mine”, the tribute to amorous longing that uses the chorus of “Be Mine!” by Robyn (who’s almost featured in the video more than Rye Rye). And then we have the video directed by Kenneth Cappello of “New Thing”, another track from “Go! Bang! Pop!”, for which Ryeisha puts herself in the hands of designer Prabal Gurung (he takes care of the costumes, the scenography and even the lighting). M.I.A., please… release it already.

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