Rye Rye Vindicates The Vengaboys Rye Rye Vindicates The Vengaboys


Rye Rye Vindicates The Vengaboys

The American turns into a videogame heroine on “Boom Boom”

Remember them Euro-dance Dutchies called Vengaboys setting fire to the chav palaces with their Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” back in 1998? Rye Rye did, and she nicked the chorus of that summer anthem for one of the tracks from her delayed debut, Go!Pop!Bang!”, which will finally be released on 15th May on Interscope/ N.E.E.T. About the video full of videogame clichés, we're not going to say anything, except this: be careful if you suffer from chromatophobia.

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