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Roots Manuva

Get the Get feat. Rokhsan

Roots Manuva Some people might think the new video by Roots Manuva seems like a low-cost affair, not on par with the rapper's status. Some people might think that one of the best voices of UK hip-hop deserves a more glamorous production, similar to his American counterparts. However, we are thoroughly enjoying the video of “Get the Get”. Roots Manuva and his partner Rokhsan are shown walking around in London, with no plot or funny costumes, just two people having a good time, singing and dancing without caring about what others may say. You press play, you watch and you feel as if destiny brought you to another city, far from your loved ones, and a couple of friends sent you a home video to keep alive the flame of friendship. The song is the second single off “4everevolution”, the album due out on 26th September.

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