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Time Machine

RobynSome of you might not remember because it happened a few years ago, when you were still too young, and others might not be able to relate the young Robyn Carlsson, then a promise on the 90’s European pop R&B scene, with today’s Robyn: mature, sophisticated, and electronic. The fact is that the Swedish musician became a pop queen in Europe back then with “Do You Know What It Takes”. Her fellow countryman Max Martin, a prolific Scandinavian pop producer, was responsible for the arrangements of one of the blonde’s first hits. Now, fifteen years later, they’ve decided to resume their working relationship (according to Robyn, they’ve never stopped being friends). Martin has produced “Time Machine”, an advance track from “Body Talk Pt. 3”. Judging by this track, it seems like the album will follow the style of the previous part, that is, efficient pop for the dance floor.

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