Raekwon Raekwon



Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang

It might be a good idea to start loosening up your bones, clenching your fists and tensing your muscles, for battle is about to begin. Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang. Gone are the marketing tricks in the vein of the Kanyes, the Cudis, the Minajs and all the other contemporary “pop rap” artists. In the world of the Clan, some still prefer sweet herbs, gastric acid juices and raw meat. As a first appetiser to his new album (out on 4th March), chef Raekwon offers us a new dish of rough, gloomy and unpolished rap. Loops of psychotic strings, karate flicks and thunderous basslines. Short and to the point.{soundcloud}http://soundcloud.com/hypetrak/raekwon-shaolin-vs-wu-tang{/soundcloud}

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