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Radiohead If it was Radiohead’s intention for us to talk about them every week in 2011, they're achieving their goal. Today we can offer you the remixes of the third and possibly best chapter of the “The King Of Limbs” remix series; with contributions by Lone, Pearson Sound and Four Tet. The vinyl is out today (if there's any copy left), though North America will have to wait until 9th August. Lone opens the party, with his remix between placid nineties ecstasy and the new funky house of “Feral”. David Kennedy, alias Pearson Sound, ignores any previously written guideline and does as he pleases with “Morning Mr. Magpie”; it's not called “Scavenger Remix” for nothing. Kieran Hebden provides the last track, enriching the intriguing atmospheres of “Separator” with blue clouds.

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