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Nathan Fake RMX + Harmonic 313 RMX + Mark Pritchard RMX

The series of singles with remixes of tracks from “King Of The Limbs” reaches halftime with the focus on the UK instead of Canada. After the slightly disappointing contributions of Caribou and Jacques Greene (disappointing because of our high expectations, that is) Radiohead have confirmed that the second 12” will feature three undisputable luminaries of British electronica. And yes, it’s better this time. Nathan Fake shows that, in spite of his absence of late, he still is the master of sheer fragility and the gobbling sound made from pads with vacuum cleaner effects. Mark Pritchard, on the other hand, delivers two remixes as different as they are fascinating. Under his Harmonic 313 moniker, he takes us on a trip through the underwater worlds inhabited by androids that make soundtracks for shipwrecks, while the one he does under his own name is a complex reconstruction driven by choppy arpeggio basslines, a syncopated Kraut rhythm and melodies made by Kraftwerk on mushrooms. This second EP was released officially on 14th July, though there are hardly any copies left already.

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