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A few days ago Radiohead went into the studios of “ From The Basement”, the TV show directed by their friend and producer Nigel Godrich, to play as planned, amongst other songs, a new track named “Staircase”. After listening to it we’re able to come to three conclusions. The first is that Thom Yorke doesn’t seem to be planning on cutting his hair any time soon and is sporting much longer locks than in the video of “Lotus Flower”. The second is that it’s more and more obvious that with “The King Of Limbs” they wanted to release an elusive album (and succeeded in doing so), because “Staircase”, “The Butcher” and “Supercollider” are much more accessible than the eight pieces on that most recent album. And third, that the new track is very percussive. Phil Selway was, after all, accompanied in the studio by Clive Deamer, drummer with Portishead and Robert Plant. The rest of the set will be broadcast on 1st July. We’ll see if there are more surprises then. For now, it’s going to be the only way to see them play live in 2011.

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