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Pursuit Grooves

@ Sónar 2010

Pursuit GroovesShake together a little bit of Dilla, the hip-hop side of Terrence Parker, the most adventurous sfforts of Erykah Badu, Eddie “Flashin” Fowlkes, a contained loop by Flying Lotus and the off-kilter beat of cosmic intentions. What do you find? Something close to Vanese Smith’s (aka Pursuit Grooves) sound: a kind of spaced out hip-hop with soulful trimmings (some call it hi-tech soul or machine soul), which is leaning towards dubstep and warm house. This was realized at SónarDôme in a live show loaded with dark bass and electrifying beats straight out of a black soul. Courtesy of RBMA, we leave you with the recording of Pursuit Grooves’ show, just three days ago at Sónar.

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