Purity Ring Release Video For “Belispeak” Purity Ring Release Video For “Belispeak” Top


Purity Ring Release Video For “Belispeak”

Megan James and the monsters of the green swamp

One of the songs of the year (really of 2011, when it came out on a 7” split for Fat Possum) deserved an especially well-done video - with its dose of sombre dreaminess, almost nightmarish tension and intrigue. Luckily it was awarded the one at hand. Brewer was the person in charge of translating the “dark futurism oscuro” (according to 4AD) of Megan James and Corin Roddick, the double soul of Purity Ring, to the visual sphere. Remember that their debut album, “Shrines”, will be out on 23rd July via 4AD.

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