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Closer (Pinch Remix)

Pinch Despite the fact that his name is forever linked to the less orthodox side of drum’n’bass, Rupert Parkes, alias Photek, has always been a producer with a wide range of sounds. That’s why his return after four years of silence, release-wise, is so natural and so in synch with the modern times, placing him effortlessly among the agents of the new bass generation. It should come as no surprise that the Briton’s new single is released by a dubstep label like Tectonic. The 12” features “Closer”, one of the most accessible and soulful tracks of the producer, plus a potent remix by Pinch. Rob Ellis maintains the smouldering and urban atmosphere of the original but finds some new rhythmic bends, a sharp bassline and an extra dose of after hour moods.

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