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A Nomad's Retreat (The Sight Below Remix)

The Sight Below

On 19th April, Rough Trade will release the remix appendix to Pantha du Prince’s “Black Noise” (Rough Trade, 2010). As its title indicates, “XI Versions of Black Noise” will include eleven new interpretations of songs included on the German magician’s latest album. On the tracklist we find such luminaries as Animal Collective, Moritz Von Oswald, Hieroglyphic Being, Four Tet, Efdemin and Lawrence, among others. One of the gems is the ethereal remix of “A Nomads Retreat” by the American The Sight Below. The elusive Seattle producer doesn’t leave Hendrik Webber route map and focuses on reinforcing the shoegaze element of the Hamburger’s music. Listen and download after the jump, courtesy of The Fader. Pantha Du Prince will be appearing at festival L.E.V. which will take place in Gijón on April 29 and 30. Pantha Du Prince, "A Nomad's Retreat (The Sight Below Remix)" by The FADER

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