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Surfer Hymn (Actress Primitive Pattern Remix)

Panda Bear  Surfer Hymn (Actress Primitive Pattern Remix) The succulent series of four pre- “Tomboy” 7”s ends with the release of “Surfer's Hymn” on Kompakt. And if that weren’t enough, the single will include a captivating remix by Actress. The Werk boss doesn’t disappoint, turning one of the weightless drone-pop compositions of Panda Bear into a corrosive and obsessive cut of cerebral techno. Keeping the sparkling melody and covering it with layers and layers of sickly synthesisers and fragmented vocals, Darren Cunningham delivers one of his best remixes to date. It’s a pity the extended original version of it, twelve minutes long, isn’t on the single. The thing is, as he admitted on Twitter, it slipped his mind that the remix was meant for a 7” (on which such long tracks don’t fit without compromising the sound quality). Finally, the release in its short version is now imminent. It will be out on 28th March and you can pre-order it by sending an email to this address.

To listen, go to Kompakt's Soundcloud

Actress will be appearing at Sónar 2011. The Festival will take place from 16 th to 18th June at the CCCB in Barcelona, the Fira Gran Via in L’Hospitalet, L’Auditori in Barcelona and the Teatre Grec in Barcelona. Tickets are on sale here.

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